Our trips in Myanmar

In the past five years we made two cycling trips in Myanmar. The first one was in december 2012, a few months after the re-elections won by the National League for Democracy (NLD) and followed by many foreign countries lifting or easing diplomatic and economic sanctions and boycots. We were very curious about this isolated country and we wanted to visit it before big changes and developments would change it. At least, that was what we expected: mobile phone coverage was very limited, as well  as global brands like Coca-cola and McDonalds. It was a fantastic adventure!

In 2015, Myanmar voted in its first democratically elected government in more than half a century. Sanctions have been dropped and Asian investors especially are coming to do business. Modern travel conveniences, such as mobile-phone coverage and internet access, are now common. So, five years after our first trip, we undertook the second one to see where this all brought the country and off course we felt like seeing more of the country. It turned out be another great -but different- adventure. The access to internet provided access to hotel booking sites and online maps changed a lot. In a sense it made this trip more adventurous because we felt more confident leaving big roads and exploring the smaller ones, giving us opportunities to see much more of life in smaller cities and villages. On the other hand, the ample accommodation provided better value for money and made our stay more luxurious, comfortable and plannable.

At this website, we’ve started to put our most recent trip online (under construction) – and we’re working on a recap of our 2012 trip as well. Practicality-wise the 2012 trip is of less use, but it was a great trip of which we want to share the highlights with you!

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