Hpa-an – Mawlamyine (70km)

Finally, I am fit again, and we’re heading for Mawlamyine today! And today’s route is alternately on sealed and unsealed roads that are in reasonable condition, passing several smaller villages. It seems people do have a bit more money to spend on their housing and surroundings, regarding the looks of it. The karst mountains towards the Thai border look pretty and whimsical.¬†Also, a lot of construction works are going on, so again we’re wondering the looks of this area in five years from now.

It is getting hotter and hotter and the unsealed roads ensure a lot of dust on our faces, arms and feet. But we’re having great fun and we’re enjoying all the beautiful sights and buildings, juicy melons and tiny shops in the villages.

At some point we’re merging back on the big road towards Mawlamyine to cross the Gyaing river – and we’re very happy to divert from it towards a small ferry service crossing the Ataran river (600 kyats for us and the bikes), just westwards of the big roads that is crossing it. Since we’re quite tired, the approach to the city centre of Mawlamyine seems to take forever!

And as an encore, thanks to the maps.me app we end up cycling around in circles around our strongly longed for Royal Hinthar Hotel (50 euro’s). Our weariness prevented us noticing it was displayed three times on the map; and finally, after asking several times we find it, check-in and take a dive in the swimming pool!




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