Kinpun – Thaton (83km)

We’re so happy to be cycling in Myanmar again! We manage to start early and at 7am we’re off from Kinpun back to Kyaiktho and from there we take highway 8 towards Thaton. It turns out to be a rather busy highway with lots of heavy and fast traffic. We are not used to the constant honking yet, and it is obvious there is just not much room for us on this road. The fact that I forgot to bring my rear view mirror and that I am still struggling with a throat infection also doesn’t help. Above that, twice we pass rather scary scenes: a derailed truck right in front or almost half-way the facade of a house alongside the road!

On the sunny side, we pass a few flocks of water buffalo’s, we see schoolchildren having sports-day and we’re wondering about these white rectangular patches that are hanging on washing lines or are lying alongside the road. These turn out to be semi-manufactured goods for the rubber industry.

In Thaton, there seems to be just one place for us to stay: the rather glitzy Thuwunnabumi Hotel, where we pay 60$ for a big 20sqm room. At night we find out that Thaton is a friendly small city. Nothing special, but very nice to stroll around.


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