Lamaing – Ye (55km)

In good spirits we leave the tiny Yaw Thit village towards Lamaing and further to our destination of today, Ye. We take the smaller backroads passing Thaung Pyin and Taungbon. Surroundings are very nice, photo opportunities with locals plentiful and roads are as bumpy as yesterday, so it’s another day of swaying, swerving and great fun.

We’re craving for a small snack and some bananas – so with hand and feet we communicate with local shop owners hoping they get a grasp of our needs. After a few attempts one them gets our gestures: ‘Prááááed’ is the local word for banana. She shouts to the neighbouring shop if they have ‘Prááááed’: it turns out that they don’t sell them but they are so friendly to share the bananas they store in their own kitchen!


And so the fun goes on and on: more photo-opportunities, more bumps and holes, roadside icecream trucks, and finally, and old bridge that is removed before the new one was installed… After building our own makeshift bridge with the left-over materials we are happy to continue our way towards Ye. The home stretch is on highway number 8: busy and fumey. But hey, Ye! It looks nice, the atmosphere feels allright and we’re ready to spend a few extra days days here.


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