In and around Ye

The atmosphere in Ye is relaxed, friendly, and … different. It takes us a few hours to determine what it is … but the city is so clean! No roadside garbage or food remains and very little plastic bags are swerving around. It turns out in this district citizens are paying a little extra and a garbage collection system was installed.

After the three days of cycling we decide to treat ourselves to a day without the bike. We book a driver to visit Banana mountain and take a long tail boat upriver to the Mon temple close to Kyaung Ywar, where two branches of the Ye river meet. It is a great spot for swimming and has a very nice atmosphere.

In the evening we evaluate our lovely day, but both we have to admit that it was a bit boring as well – since in a taxi we miss out on all potential mini-adventures! The next we day we’re on our saddles again, touring to and through Bin Le Wa beach and the towns of Ahsin and Zee Phyu Thaung.


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