Overnight stays in Myanmar

With mobile internet and hotel booking sites with pretty good coverage, finding accommodation in Myanmar is becoming gradually easier over time, supplying increasing value for money. Still, accommodation for foreigeners is not available in every town, making it sometimes uncertain you’ll find a place to stay every day-distance.

When it turned out -during our january 2018 trip- that no hotel was available in Lamaing, we stayed over at a lovely and very hospitable family in the tiny Yaw Thit village. Also, we were told that on the stretch between Ye and Dawei no hotels or guesthouses for foreigners were available. In addition, the amazingly well informed and helpful manager of the Shwe Taung Gyar hotel in Ye assured us that locals would be willing to host us. Also we’ve heard of people staying over at monasteries along the way. In the end, we decided to travel that stretch by minivan, but given our experience with staying over with families, you might consider to take the chance – and give yourself the opportunity to experience local family life.

Hereunder you’ll find the list with cities and towns and the hotels where we passed the night during our 2018 trip, provided with more or less precise price indications for the rooms (varying from pleasant to very luxurious):

  • Yangon – Bike World Inn (35 euro’s)
  • Khyaiktho/Kinpun – Golden Sunrise Resort (35 euro’s)
  • Thaton – Thuwannabumi hotel (USD 60)
  • Hpa-an – Soe Brothers II (40 euro’s)/Thiri Hpa-an (85 euro’s)
  • Mawlamyine – Royal Hinthar Hotel (50 euro’s)
  • Thanbyuzayat – Holiday Villa Motel (35.000 kyats)
  • Lamaing/Yaw Thit – stayed with family Chan Minn Kho
  • Ye – Shwe Taung Gyar (35 euro’s)
  • Dawei –  Hotel Dawei (80 euro’s)

Want more? Read on at the Accommodation section.


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